* Note: Practice Space has closed. Check out this announcement for more information. (2/18/2015)

We’re looking for projects that are breaking new ground in Detroit. 

Perhaps you’ve purchased a building and you’re beginning to bring the pieces together to give it new life. Or maybe you’re launching a business and need to find the right site, partners, or financing, but haven’t worked out all the details. Maybe you’ve reached a point in your project where dreams are butting against reality and it isn’t looking pretty. Detroit is a chance to do things differently, but it doesn’t come easy.

Imagine what could happen if you began working on your project in a completely new environment—one with access to the resources you need to launch your business and develop your building. Imagine being provided with a team of three or four young creatives, there to help you flesh out your project. Imagine having access to a group of advisors to guide you through the process of realizing your vision.

How the Incubator Works:

The Practice·Space program positions you as a Project Leader with a team of assigned Residents, and guides you through a choreographed 4-month design and development process, involving collaborative work sessions, critiques from area experts, and architectural/business assignments. Each project receives a dedicated work room for the duration of the term.

Tangible Outcomes:

Project Leaders define goals for the program, utilizing their team of Residents as they progress through the Practice·Space methodology. Customized to each project, the program leads you through exercises in the following categories:

  • Architectural Planning : Pre-Design and Concept Design
  • Business Planning:  Business Model Generation, Financial Analysis, Legal Structure
  • Storytelling: Brand and Communication Materials

It’s about adding depth and breadth, rather than speed, to your project.

The program gives you the resources to fully explore the many aspects of your project, while clarifying a path forward. Distilling this vision into a concept book, business model, and presentation material will articulate your plan and provide the tools to communicate with others. So whether the next steps are assembling a team, acquiring funding, hiring professional firms, or launching a public campaign, this road map will enable you to lead your project into its next phase.

How to Apply:

We are accepting applications on a rolling admissions basis for the third term, PS03. Within four weeks of submitting your application, you will be interviewed to confirm a fit with the program, and receive notification of whether or not you are selected.  If selected, you will be offered a project spot in the upcoming term.

Project spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is to your advantage to apply early. If all project spots for the upcoming term have been filled, you will be put on the waitlist and given advanced notice to claim a spot in the next available term.

Applications for the third term (May ‘14 - Aug ‘14), will be accepted starting February 1 through April 1, 2014 (or until the term has been filled).


Price & Benefits:

Program Cost: $3,000

- Program includes:
  • Dedicated project room at Practice·Space
  • Team of 3–5 Residents committed to your project
  • Weekly sessions with Advisors
  • Architectural, Business, and Storytelling materials
- Additional Costs:
  • $500 for additional Project Leaders (up to 2)