Preview: PS03 Project Lineup

We're excited to unveil our upcoming PS03 Incubator project lineup, spanning May-August 2014. Led by two passionate people with deep roots in their neighborhood. Here's an introduction:

Project 1:  Yusef Shakur, Urban Nation Community Center & Bookstore

Yusef Shakur is an activist, author, and community advocate for the neighborhood he grew up in, known as Zone 8. Practice·Space will help Yusef covert an old house into a multi-purpose community center and bookstore.

Project 2: Teresa Sanderfer, 2641 W. Grand Blvd

Teresa Sanderfer is a recent graduate of the ProsperUS entrepreneur training program. Teresa is looking to open a clothing store and has recently purchased a building on W. Grand Blvd. Practice·Space will be working with Teresa to produce a redevelopment plan for the property. Teresa currently serves as a Captain for the Detroit Fire Department.