The Buildout: A New Door

A story of bringing an old auto-garage back to life. 

July is moving quickly. We're planning to have access to the garage at the beginning of August for the interior buildout. In the meantime, Jerry Esters (the building owner) has been leading the effort to renovate its basic mechanical functions. It's been years since the last time the garage was occupied, so it comes as no surprise that the space needs serious work.


The contractors arrive with the new door. 

Jerry Esters, the owner of the garage, overseeing the renovation. 

Jerry spent the first half of July installing the heating, cooling, and plumbing. He's a master craftsman, having spent 27 years working at Chrysler as a clay modeler. There's an art to each new addition—the ductwork (an original design of Jerry's) looks like tentacles coming out of the ceiling.


Jerry's brother, Tony.

"I remember when Jerry was 14, he started an ice cream shop right across the street here. It was next to my dad's meat store. He wasn't too happy when Jerry's ice cream shop started making more money!" - Tony, Jerry's brother

The old door, before the new installation. 

The process begins.  

The old door in the back of the trailer. 

The installation of the new door begins. 

4:46 PM: the work is wrapping up. 

The finished door.